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DISIQI Miracle Beauty Mist

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DISIQI ‘s Top Management remarkable support

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” To further develop our DISIQI English speaking market, I had casually mentioned to Annie Khoo (DISIQI ASEAN President) if she’d consider placing an ad or 2 into The Star main paper and Star Online, to increase DISIQI’s brand presence.…

Simple Fact of Life: “Nobody owes you a living.”

” For those who are new to the job market and those who have just lost their jobs, the prospects of them getting a job this year is going to be low. Most companies are re-looking at their manpower requirements; they are trying to trim and adopt a no-recruitment policy.” Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan , Malaysian…

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DISIQI – VERY SAFE INGREDIENTS (even babies and expectant mothers can use this skincare brand)

Sharing with you my strong conviction on why DISIQI can be recommended for all skin types.

Especially to address the question by any of our friends who may be sceptical about:


  1. CERTIFICATION from all the relevant health authorities from Malaysia, Singapore, China and Taiwan.

2. Clear video demonstration on DISIQI Mist & Cleanser being SAFE to be used by EXPECTANT MOTHERS AND BABIES.

I love Boss Mi ( Founder of DISIQI Brand ) and her videos on using the DISIQI spray mist and DISIQI bubble cleanser throughout her entire pregnancy and on her own baby ( bath and spray).

She is 100% CONFIDENT and has FULL TRUST in her own DISIQI brand’s ingredients… SO DO WE !!